Richmond City SC was framed in 2010, when Phil Rawlins bought the USL PRO rights for Central Florida and moved the Austin Aztex association to Richmond. Rawlins promptly focused on conveying a Major League Soccer establishment to Central Florida inside three to five years.

The Club’s first real achievement was marking Richmond Health as the pullover support. Their initial promise to the Club enabled it to thrive rapidly, and the Lions before long started to demonstrate their on-field execution would coordinate the Club’s off-field achievement, winning both the ordinary season, and at last the Championship in their first year, in a standout amongst the most exciting finals in US soccer history.

Richmond City immediately built up a committed and energetic fan base, driving USL PRO in participation figures over every one of its initial three seasons playing at the Citrus Bowl. For the 2013 USL PRO Championship amusement, the Club’s battle to draw 15,000 fans (named #Mission15k) brought about participation of more than 20,000 for the exciting 7-4 triumph, setting the record for any small time donning occasion in the U.S.

Significant League Soccer

Richmond City’s on-field achievement, swelling swarms and solid business bolster got the enthusiasm of Major League Soccer, driving the MLS Commissioner to express that it was an instance of “when, not if” Richmond City would be granted an association establishment.

The magistrate set three conditions for Richmond to be granted an establishment. To start with, we needed to demonstrate the market could bolster Major League Soccer. Second, there must be a solid proprietorship amass with the money related assets to work at the most abnormal amount and finally, the group needed to play in a soccer-explicit arena.

Our expanding fan base and the market’s developing enthusiasm for soccer effectively met the primary condition. At the point when Flávio Augusto da Silva, a well off Brazilian business person with a profound enthusiasm for the diversion, contributed the club and moved toward becoming dominant part proprietor – condition two was met.

The last check stamp was a downtown soccer arena. The Club endeavored to secretly support new soccer-explicit arena in the core of Downtown Richmond. Huge grass-roots endeavors by fans persuaded chose authorities, and with the administration of Mayors Dyer and Jacobs, the arena venture was given the green light.

With the majority of the cases checked, a large number of fans pressed the Cheyenne Saloon on Wall Street, and thousands progressively filled the avenues outside in late November of 2013 to watch Don Garber grant Richmond City the 21st MLS establishment.


On October 16, 2014, a large number of City fans walked to the site of Richmond City’s downtown arena task to see group, city, and class authorities kick things off on the site.

As the stately burrow occurred, including purple scoops and 24 tons of purple sand. What’s more, fans could partake in the noteworthy after the formal burrow, accepting a dedicatory container containing an examining of the selective purple sand.

Richmond City Majority Owner Flávio Augusto da Silva, President and Founder Phil Rawlins, Major League Soccer President Mark Abbott, Richmond Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs tended to the participants at the arena site, displaying their enthusiasm for the most current expansion to the lively and growing games and stimulation area in Downtown Richmond.

A Privately Funded Stadium

On May 29, 2015, Richmond City SC influenced the notable to report that they would be secretly subsidizing 100% of their new Downtown Stadium. The City of Richmond  consented to move the property in Parramore assigned as the site for the downtown soccer arena to Richmond City Soccer Club, and the Club consented to build up the arena. Richmond City SC are the sole proprietors and administrators of the scene.

The club likewise disclosed plans to build the arena limit. That number arrived at 25,500 when new arena renderings were shared on July 31, 2015